SLO County Cannabis Business Association

San Luis Obispo County Cannabis Association (SLOCCBA) is for the benefit of  local businesses operating in the cannabis space.  We’re here to make connections to those who provide professional business services to licensed stakeholders as well as provide much requested education & referrals to the public and consumers.  SLOCCBA understands the unique qualities & aspects of San Luis Obispo as well as the well kept secrets of the cannabis industry, we're here to bridge the gap.  

Local Government Involvement - The success of the cannabis business community requires the support of community leaders, SLOCCBA is here to help foster that support.  We cultivate relationships with policy makers, planners and enforcement agencies so the responsible members of the cannabis industry can fully and legitimately evolve into the regulated marketplace without fear of prosecution.  SLOCCBA is actively advocating reasonable regulation, learning how the industry is developing in other counties & states and putting that education to work with local elected officials as we carefully navigate the intricacies of legislation, regulation and implementation. 

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Businesses & Community - Preserving the integrity of the SLO life & work-style is of great importance to us as it is to the people who live and work here in SLO County.   The leaders & members of SLOCCBA actively seek ideas and solutions for ways the cannabis industry contribute its fair share to local economic and community development. A full understanding of current regulation and operating requirements, paying taxes, participating in community charity donations and paying it forward with programs unique to the cannabis industry are just a few ways the industry will contribute. We work throughout the entire SLO county, with all the cities and towns discussing viable solutions that will enhance economic success for all business as they transition to the regulated market place. 

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Consumer Education - It never escapes our minds that the consumer is the most important consideration.  Quality products and safe access are why we now have a regulated marketplace.  It is imperative we do our part to reach out and cultivate a responsible consumer base, ensuring the health, safety and well being of San Luis Obispo County, its cities and residents.



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