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Could the VA be helpful in declassifying cannabis?

Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin speaks during a briefing at the White House in Washington, Wednesday, May 31, 2017. Shulkin is warning the VA is "still in critical condition" despite efforts to reduce wait times for medical appointments and expand care in the private sector. (Susan Walsh, Associated Press)


Oh boy things are going to start to get tricky here PDQ when it comes to the reclassification of cannabis.  I came across this article summarizing the new Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin's views on cannabis therapy today.

No matter what your opinion of cannabis is I think we can all agree with the Secretary that 20 suicides per day among our country's Veterans is absolutely unacceptable. Now even he says the Feds are tying his hands when it comes to looking at cannabis therapy as a part of the solution.

Read the article here

Listen to Secretary Shulkin's comments here

I just worry that getting universities and governments involved could become the casual ( & experienced) cannabis users unpleasant regulatory experience (as if that could get any worse).  Not only that but I see it becoming a BIG wrench in the individual States legalization plans.  It would take me a while to research particular instances but I'm going to make a cynical estimation that having our Federal Government involved in the study of cannabis and it's effects on the human body isn't going to turn out quite how we all would like.  And who has that long to bear in ones suffering?

If you're a Veteran and have experienced positive effects from the use of cannabis, please contact your congressman and let him know your story as well as push for a total de-classification of cannabis all together.  Because, quite frankly, they'll never understand until they try it.

These 6 groups help vets get access to medical marijuana, so please do what you can to help support them in your efforts, and don't forget to call or write your congressmen!

Until next time,

Marie Roth



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