Alan Reitz – Board Member

Alan Reitz

Alan E. Reitz is currently a Safety/Risk Manager consultant. He has a long track record and a proven ability to design, direct and implement effective risk management/safety programs that have been subsequently adopted by major corporations worldwide. With over 30 years in the safety industry, Alan brings an award winning level of safety experience and leadership.

After having started his career in the safety industry in 1990 as a Truck/Rescue Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician, Base Camp Manager in the ICS system, Fire Prevention Specialist and Emergency Services Manager in the departments Fire Prevention Bureau, he has had over 20 years of experience in emergency services and response with the Santa Barbara City Fire Department. He retired in 2010.
From 2011 to 2013, Alan worked as the Environmental, Health and Safety Manager for a leader in the oil exploration industry at Scientific Drilling Inc.

Alan has also developed a long track record of Safety leadership and experience working in the construction industry as a Professional Safety Consultant and Occupational Health and Safety Instructor for over 300 companies such as, JW Designs Inc, Granite Construction and PC Mechanical.

Jamie Barlett – Board Member

Jamie Barlett, Matrix Card Services/ Poly Pay

Merchant processing is an industry that is ripe with deception, double talk and a revenue flow that is focused solely on the processing services provider and not the merchant. PolyPay’s founder, Jamie Barlett, was fortunate to obtain many years of experience in the finance, legal, human resources and technology industries before she started PolyPay in 2013. She witnessed the stress of companies and business owners who had to focus on their day to day operations with sales, employees and inventory. They did not have the time to oversee merchant processing concerns which left them exposed to the manipulation by their merchant processor. When they finally were able to review their expenses, months had gone by and they were left exposed to additional fees, faulty equipment and terrible customer service and support.

Jamie's since developed Matrix Card Services specifically designed to serve cannabis businesses using the same philosophy of customer service and protection from unnecessary loss of revenue.

You can see why we're fortunate to have her as a board member and SLOCCBA Banking Committee chair person.

Leanne Horvath – Board Treasurer

Leanne Horvath

Leanne Horvath is the owner of The Number Crunchers in Los Osos, CA where she leads a diverse team of bookkeeping and accounting professionals. Aside from traditional business accounting, Leanne and a few on her team have taken on the challenges of cannabis business accounting for a select clientele.

We're fortunate to have Leanne lend her depth of experience, expertise and enthusiasm (Yes, she started in accounting at a very young age!) in business planning, budgeting and corporate structure & accounting as Treasurer to SLOCCBA.

Wes Burk – Board Member

Wes Burk

Wes is a founding partner in Emerald Scientific which was established in 2014.  Emerald is the industry leading dedicated distributor of technical equipment and supplies to the cannabis industry.  Emerald runs the first to market and most technical in nature cannabis science conference and operates the industry’s only Inter Laboratory Comparison Proficiency Test, The Emerald TestÓ which has been adopted as an approved proficiency test for meeting regulatory compliance in Washington, Oregon and Colorado.  Wes has been a presenter at many industry events including The Emerald Conference and the National Cannabis Industry Associations Cannabis Business Summit.

Adam Pinterits – Board Secretary

Adam Pinterits, SLOCCBA Board Secretary

Adam Pinterits is the Public Relations and Governmental Affairs liaison for Ethnobotanica.  Adam lends his diplomacy and marketing skills to SLOCCBA while advocating to municipalities best business practices for cannabis dispensaries.

Marie Roth – Executive Director

Greetings and welcome.  My name is Marie Roth, President & Director of San Luis Obispo County Cannabis Business Association, also known as SLOCCBA. My passion is helping small businesses by connecting them with the people and services they require to be successful.

I and several other local business professionals have banded together to form a trade association for our local cannabis industry partners. SLOCCBA is intended to be a resource of accurate and timely information concerning ever evolving regulations, licensing requirements as well as marketing and consumer trends.  Our goal is to unify the cannabis industry with community leaders and business professionals who have the heart and desire to see these business be successful additions to our community.  We believe that by working together, considering the integrity of San Luis Obispo County and it's residents, we can integrate well branded, high quality SLO County cannabis products into the regulated & competitive market place, profitably and responsibly.

My role with SLOCCBA as President has been not only to keep up with current State, County and City movement in regards to regulation formation but to also build a network of knowledgeable (and fearless) business professionals as well as gain the trust of the cannabis community by understanding the culture and the way that business has been done as a "collective" for the past 20 or so years.  These folks will have alot of adjustments to make if they are to embrace the "new way" of doing canna-biz in California.

I look forward to meeting you, please reach out by emailing me at