Marie Roth – Executive Director

Greetings and welcome.  My name is Marie Roth, President & Director of San Luis Obispo County Cannabis Business Association, also known as SLOCCBA. My passion is helping small businesses by connecting them with the people and services they require to be successful.

I and several other local business professionals have banded together to form a trade association for our local cannabis industry partners. SLOCCBA is intended to be a resource of accurate and timely information concerning ever evolving regulations, licensing requirements as well as marketing and consumer trends.  Our goal is to unify the cannabis industry with community leaders and business professionals who have the heart and desire to see these business be successful additions to our community.  We believe that by working together, considering the integrity of San Luis Obispo County and it's residents, we can integrate well branded, high quality SLO County cannabis products into the regulated & competitive market place, profitably and responsibly.

My role with SLOCCBA as President has been not only to keep up with current State, County and City movement in regards to regulation formation but to also build a network of knowledgeable (and fearless) business professionals as well as gain the trust of the cannabis community by understanding the culture and the way that business has been done as a "collective" for the past 20 or so years.  These folks will have alot of adjustments to make if they are to embrace the "new way" of doing canna-biz in California.

I look forward to meeting you, please reach out by emailing me at